A Lone Wolf



He waits alone, amidst the cold and snow.
Waiting patiently for that familiar sound.
Where have they gone to...  he does not know.
Missing the love, he once had found.

He heard a voice, that of a man.
Then a loud noise, and a yelping cry.
The human spoke of a sickening plan.
Of killing... but for what, the wolf knows not why.

Where have his pups gone, his precious mate.
The Alpha, Omega and Beta, all gone still.
He let's out a mournful howl, realizing their fates.
As the winter air compounds the night's chill.

He hangs his head low, his eyes filled with tears.
He is alone, his howls unanswered in the night sky.
His heart filled with grief, his mind filled with fears.
He can't understand why his pack-mates had to die.

Now a lone wolf, he wanders the forest alone.
His head to the ground, he picks up a familiar scent.
His heart quickens, at the sound of a moan.
There he finds her, the one for which he is meant.

His mate, hurt and frightened, lifts her head to the sky.
The wolf's heart breaking as he notices her wounds.
Raising her head, her gaze meets his eyes.
The pain in her eyes, reflected by the light of the moon.

Desperate to help, but not knowing what he can do.
He lays down beside her, and gives her a loving nuzzle.
As she lays helpless, he sighs heavily, as he knows the truth.
His mate's body becomes still, as he gently licks her muzzle.

But it is too late, she is already gone.
And now, he truly is a lone wolf.... a wolf all alone.


written by and copyright of Louve