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The wolf's legendary spirit of survival had made it one of the most celebrated animals in the wild. He is truly the soul of the wild, a mystery whose answer's are illuminated behind riveting eyes.
Mary Osborne

  For Wolf Credo


Welcome to my web siteI have loved wolves all my life. I have studied them, have all kinds of collectables, pictures, magazines and shirts. Email me about your interest in wolves.  Sign my guest book and Visit again.


The four teachers:

*The eagle teaches us freedom.
*The wolf teaches us tirelessness.
*The bear teaches us strength and fortitude.
*The woman teaches us compassion.



Mary Snow Falling Osborne

My family has Cherokee Indian heritage,
 this is according to census records, history and oral family history.

You will learn more about the Cherokee people by visiting this web site.
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In a name giving ceremony Wed. March 28, 2007 I
was given my Cherokee name.  A Picture account of this beautiful
ceremony can be seen HERE

An Indian Prayer By:
Sioux Indian children of Red Cloud Indian School in South Dakota

Here you will find a wonderful source for Native American Regalia and Pow Wow needs.
White Deer Enterprises

The wolf's story is one of legend and strength. This mysterious animal's loyalty and endurance have earned it a sense of spirit that is both intriguing and inexplicable. The wolf can be found in every corner of the world, making these nomadic hunters native to every land and every heart.

 Wolf Facts

The wolf is fiercely loyal, intelligent, playful, and cooperative. Many of the qualities man admires in the wolf are qualities we value in our own friends and family.  For more facts about wolves, click the pages below.
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Maya and Erin
My adopted wolves.

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